University of California Sustainability Policy

UC's Commitment to the Environment

The UC Sustainable Practices Policy

The Policy guides sustainability efforts across the ten campuses and other university facilities in twelve areas of sustainable practice: green building, clean energy, transportation, climate protection, facilities operations, zero waste, procurement, foodservice, health and wellbeing, equity and inclusion, sustainability performance, and water systems. The systemwide Sustainability Steering Committee oversees and governs the Sustainable Practices Policy; the Board of Regents receives an annual report on UC's progress toward meeting the goals in the Policy.

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Berkeley's Commitment to the Environment

UC Berkeley is a leader on environmental issues. The Campus Sustainability Plan integrates Berkeley-specific, policy-focused goals that go beyond UC policy in almost every category. The campus's Energy Use Policy provides a local framework to support energy-efficient decisions. The policy outlines energy conservation practices for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, equipment, construction and renovation projects.

Updated July 2023

Campus Initiatives

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