metrics icon roundData are collected and reported annually. For a recent metrics snapshot, see Berkeley by the Numbers 2017.

*Context for 2020: the COVID-19 virus caused the campus to shut-down from mid-March 2020 - December 2020. This involved the suspension of all in-person classes, the cancellation of campus-sponsored events and a ‘maintenance-only’ mode of physical operation on the campus. For more information about how emissions were calculated for this year, see:

The following data is currently being updated, check back soon! 

Metrics: Energy & Climate 1990-2019

Energy & Climate199020092014201820192020
Total greenhouse gases (metric tons CO2 eq.)200,451193,631168,344185,006178,847148,029
- GHG Scope 1142,229144,059125,598138,204145,303136,233
- GHG Scope 29,2219,0486,3254,7202,3201,981
- GHG Scope 349,00140,52436,42242,08241,13720,349
Purchased Electricity (kWh)21,642,56918,919,24352,763,33738,757,28633,098,052
Cogen/boiler natural gas (MMBtu)2,443,8282,127,9222,334,2372,467,3812,326,379
Purchased natural gas (MMBtu)219,401193,462214,091215,759196,200
Total energy (G joules)
Renewable Energy (kWh)1,234,7351,327,3201,299,756

Metrics: Water 1990-2020

Water (millions of gallons)775.7742.1636.2594.4584.0516.6
Wastewater (millions of gallons)543.0519.5445.4416.1408.8361.6

Metrics: Built Environment 1990-2019

Built Environment19902000201420182019
LEED™ buildings (#)14152323
Square footage of LEED™ buildings1,596,4031,678,1492,572,7082,572,708

Metrics: Waste 1990-2019

Solid waste (short tons)7,6927,9907,9296,443
Diverted waste (short tons)3292371942273450
- Recycled waste3292168019551490
- Construction waste35,249172834,240182
- Reusables07964
- Composting2,0392,1931,895
Diversion rate (%)90%54%90%54%

Metrics: Transportation 1990-2020

Fuel usage – commute and fleet (gal)3,118,6712,138,0801,398,1712,163,3251,878,2441,448,617
Green fleet (%)32.7%
Air travel (miles)110,519,178124,947,320122,244,281130,773,34041,145,570

Metrics: Food 1990-2019

Residential: Total sustainable purchases (%)22%47%28%
Retail: Total sustainable purchases (%)29%14%

Metrics: Other 1990-2020

Gross Square footage12,817,51716,149,53916,337,52516,825,81516,599,23616,314,257