Metrics in the Sustainability Report

metrics icon roundData are reported annually in the campus Sustainability Reports, available from the Reports page of this site.  2015 data are currently preliminary.

Data is from 2015 CalCAP inventory (April 2016 version) unless otherwise noted.  Most waste data is from Campus Recycling & Refuse Services and is now being reported by fiscal year.

Metrics: Energy & Climate 1990-2015

Energy & Climate19902000201320142015
Total greenhouse gases (metric tons CO2 eq.)160,389193,955152,785146,868153,460
- GHG Scope 110,63511,10013,96312,14112,097
- GHG Scope 2100,753136,182103,82398,30597,276
- GHG Scope 349,00146,63734,99936,42244,087
Electricity (kWh)156,793,403188,778,537211,786,848213,634,104213,839,330
Steam (MMBtu)968,246983,760985,201892,337868,493
Natural gas (MMBtu)152,230159,597223,462193,462194,174
Total energy (G joules)1,747,5331,886,7762,038,6231,915,5451,891,860
Renewable energy100 kW

Metrics: Water 1990-2015

Water (millions of gallons)775.7793.6681.0636.2614.1
Wastewater (millions of gallons)543.0555.5476.7445.4429.9

Metrics: Built Environment 1990-2015

Built Environment19902000201320142015
LEED™ buildings (#)141515
Square footage of LEED™ buildings1,596,4031,678,1491,678,149

Metrics: Waste 1990-2015

Solid waste (short tons)6,3854,6224,3604,271
Diverted waste (short tons)3,1577,7334,4075,261
- Recycled waste2,3741,9781,8441,669
- Construction waste4,2161,0621,536
- Reusables2312017
- Composting7831,3081,4812,039
Diversion rate (%)33%63%/43%50%/44%54%/48%
Hazardous Waste (tons)341184162226

Metrics: Procurement 1990-2015

Recycled paper purchases (% of total copy, fine, and computer paper purchases)71%76%88%

Metrics: Transportation 1990-2015

Fuel usage – commute and fleet (gal)3,118,6712,829,7051,524,9691,442,6782,258,620
Green fleet (%)22.9%32.7%34.5%
Air travel (miles)113,884,430124,947,320126,619,232

Metrics: Food 1990-2015

Total sustainable purchases (%)28%27%31%

Metrics: Other 1990-2015

Gross Square footage12,817,51714,145,72816,862,73816,314,26216,337,525

Annual Metrics: Sources and Changes from Previous Reports

Download data from the 2015 CalCAP inventory. 

Data is from the April 2016 version unless otherwise noted.