Engagement Mission

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Campus-wide UC Berkeley is working to improve the culture of sustainability.   Committees and organizations, grants, newsletters, reports, and other initiatives serve to ensure that sustainability is institutionalized.  

STARS gauges success in a number of engagement and inclusion categories. UC Berkeley earned perfect STARS scores in such diversity and equity fields as: Support for Underrepresented Groups, Student Life, and Participation in Public Policy.

Campus Performance Overview

The Office of Sustainability promotes engagement on Berkeley campus in the following ways:

The Office of Sustainability has developed:

A new students' guide to sustainable practices at Cal.

STARS Performance Overview

Engagement Category

According to STARS, "This subcategory seeks to recognize institutions that provide their students with sustainability learning experiences outside the formal curriculum. … Institution-sponsored, co-curricular sustainability offerings help integrate sustainability into the campus culture and set a positive tone for the institution. … Equipping employees with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to adopt behavior changes that promote sustainability is an essential activity of a sustainable campus."

Berkeley's STARS Performance

Campus Engagement Points Available: 21.00

Campus Engagement Points Claimed:  19.42

  • UC Berkeley achieved 92% of available points in the STARS Campus Engagement category. The average among all research universities is 73%.STARS rates campuses on: Student Educators Program, Student Orientation, Student Life, Outreach Materials and Publications, Outreach Campaign; Assessing Sustainability Culture; Employee Educators Program; Employee Orientation; Staff Professional Development. Berekely received perfect scores in most categories.

  • We earned a perfect score in the Student Educators Program credit, where our range and depth of peer-to-peer sustainability outreach and education programs is particularly laudable.

  • Berkeley also showed leadership in providing all campus employees with peer-to-peer sustainability outreach and education programs, such as the Zero Waste Building Program spearheaded by Cal Zero Waste.

Updated July 2023

Shake Up the Status Quo

Make some noise by getting involved!

SERC Anti-Racist Eco Book Worms graphic (student group)

The Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) has created Anti Racist Eco Book Worms as a community resource to share and discuss books, art, poems, and other media forms that highlight the  experiences of BIPOC in relation to environmentalism. The forum addresses issues such as environmental racism and the reductionism of marginalized communities in mainstream environmental spaces.

Email serc@berkeley.edu to receive more information about joining!