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There is important work being done campus-wide to improve the culture of sustainability at UC Berkeley.  These measures--campus committees and organizations, grants, newsletters, reports, and other initiatives--serve to ensure that sustainability is institutionalized on campus.  

STARS is giving UC Berkeley a new structure by which to gauge our success in a number of categories pertaining to engagement and inclusion. As an example UC Berkeley earned perfect STARS scores in Support for Underrepresented Groups, Student Life and Participation in Public Policy - fields that measure diversity and equity in the campus community.

Campus Performance Overview

Engagement on Berkeley campus is promoted by the Office of Sustainability. The office provides:

  • Lists of both credit and  informal classes 
  • Information on over 50 student groups,
  • Sustainability grant funds for student and campus projects through TGIF.  
  • Web access to real-time data about energy usage in campus buildings using the Pulse dashboards. When energy consuption becomes visible, students, staff, and faculty see more concrete reason to engage in conservation. 
  • The Student Environmental Resource Center cultivates a collaborative space to strengthen the collective effectiveness of the sustainability community, and provides resources for students to actualize their visions of a more equitable, socially just, and resilient future.

The Office of Sustainability has developed:

Additionally, UC Berkeley faciltates student and employee access to sustainable design information via the campus's membership in the US Green Building Council

For more information, see this site's Engage pages.

STARS Performance Overview

Engagement Category

According to STARS, "This subcategory seeks to recognize institutions that provide their students with sustainability learning experiences outside the formal curriculum," via co-curricular activities that deepen and apply students' understandings of sustainability principles. 

"In addition," says the STARS report, "this subcategory recognizes institutions that support faculty and staff engagement, training, and development programs in sustainability. Faculty and staff members’ daily decisions impact an institution’s sustainability performance. Equipping faculty and staff with the tools, knowledge, and motivation to adopt behavior changes that promote sustainability is an essential activity of a sustainable campus."

Berkeley's STARS Performance

Engagement Points Available: 15.52

Engagement Points Claimed:  21.00

Breakdown of points--



Student Educators Program

0.77 / 4.00

Student Orientation

2.00 / 2.00

Student Life

2.00 / 2.00

Outreach Materials and Publications

2.00 / 2.00

Outreach Campaign

4.00 / 4.00

Assessing Sustainability Culture

1.00 / 1.00

Employee Educators Program

1.50 / 3.00

Employee Orientation

1.00 / 1.00

Staff Professional Development

1.25 / 2.00

Under construction September 2018, thank you for your patience.

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