Energy Dashboards

See our Solar PV production

View our newest solar systems in action at the Recreational Sports Facility and at the University Village Apartments.

OS Director Kira Stoll atop RSF solar panels

Office of Sustainability Director Kira Stoll in a field of solar panels atop the Recreation and Sports Facility on UC Berkeley campus

See Real-Time Energy Dashboards 

UC Berkeley Energy Dashboard graphic

Dashboards show real-time energy use for campus buildings. They have been installed in 137 buildings and provide a visualization of energy and as well as water use. The dashboard tracks the effects of your electricity saving efforts like turning off the lights at night, using energy saving features on your computer, or other similar actions. Here you can see the cumulative impact of you and your peers in the building, since everyone has a role in the campus energy conservation effort. The dashboard program is managed by the campus Energy Office.

Energy Use Dashboard

Data, Data, Data

power meter round

Power meters on campus

solar panels at RSF (Recreational Sports Facility)

The campus Recreational Sports Facility goes solar