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Performance Overview

UC Berkeley has a comprehensive approach to sustainability goals and strategies. These are included in the 2020 Campus Sustainability Plan. The Plan is structured into five focus sections and 15 topics. The plan includes the more traditional environmental indicators like energy efficiency, green buildings and transportation and it provides a framework for intersectional and emerging topics – like diversity and inclusion and health and wellness in sustainability. The Plan also provides vision statements for each section. These statements serve as a guiding light to focus prioritization of goals and strategies.

For over a decade we have been conducting inventories in these performance categories and transparently and publically reporting this information. With continuous improvement in mind, in 2018 we undertook the STARS assessment to understand our progress in new meaningful areas of sustainability and gauge how we compare to hundreds of other higher education institutions. Berkeley achieved a high Gold STARS rating. In each of the performance category pages in the section you will find both our campus performance standing as well as our STARS assessment.

Campus Performance Overview

Each year, UC Berkeley tallies our progress toward our sustainability goals and reflects on what is working and what opportunities to pursue next. As we reach our goals, we stretch further, taking on new environmental challenges to tackle. On the performance category pages you will find both our current UC and Berkeley goals and a current assessment of how we are moving forward.

See our latest performance reporting in the UC Annual Sustainability Report.

STARS Performance Overview

In its first ever complete STARS submission, UC Berkeley earned a high Gold rating in 2018 in the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment & Rating System, which is used by more than 900 colleges and universities around the world to establish their environmental and social sustainability bona fides. UC Berkeley's 78.5 point score came in 11th highest of the 349 colleges and universities with an active STARS rating, and placed the campus just 6.5 points away from the top Platinum rating. That result also lifted UC Berkeley to the second highest score among UC campuses, only trailing Platinum-rated UC Irvine. For a campus that has long been a pioneer in environmental sciences and best practices, UC Berkeley received important recognition from the most comprehensive and widely used academic sustainability assessment tool.

See the full STARS report.

Read our STARS Gold news release.

Per STARS: "The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System™ (STARS®) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance...STARS is designed to enable meaningful comparisons over time and across institutions using a common set of measurements developed with broad participation from the international campus sustainability community..."

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