Procurement Goals

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GOAL: Reduce carbon emissions and carbon impacts  in the supply chain. 

STATUS: In progress

GOAL: 25 percent green spend and 25 percent economically and socially responsible spend in specific product categories.

STATUS: In progress

GOAL: Allocate a minimum of 15% of the points utilized in competitive solicitation evaluations to sustainability criteria.

STATUS: Ongoing

Campus Performance Overview

Procurement impacts food, waste, water and carbon and thus plays a key role in our sustainability commitments. The scale of UC systemwide procurement choices enables UC to create meaningful impact via careful choices and consumer demand.  

The Procurement Team works with campus vendors to indicate whether products have sustainability attributes by flagging them in Bear Buy, where staff and faculty can choose sustainable products by searching for the sustainability mark.

The Supply Chain Management team follows the UC Sustainability Practices policyto offer efficient procurement services through programs like BearBuy and Strategic Sourcing. The University of California provides resources for suppliersin the University code of conduct for licensees and sustainable and ethical supply chain practices. SUpply Chain Management also offers tools for finding diverse suppliers

EcoVadis partners with UC to provide a supplier Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) or Sustainability rating based on an analysis of their operational and management practices. Buyers can use the EcoVadis Supplier Assessment

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Green spend is defined as meeting preferred or minimum criteria in UC’s Sustainable Procurement Guidelines. Suppliers reporting: Electronics (5), Furniture (4), Cleaning supplies (5), Office supplies (3). PUC Systemwide Spend Analytics category data provided by CalUSource. 

STARS Performance Overview

Procurement Category
(termed "Purchasing" by STARS)

According to STARS, "This subcategory seeks to recognize institutions that are using their purchasing power to help build a sustainable economy. Collectively, institutions spend many billions of dollars on goods and services annually. Each purchasing decision represents an opportunity for institutions to choose environmentally and socially preferable products and services and support companies with strong commitments to sustainability."

Berkeley's STARS Performance

Total Points Available: 6.00

Procurement ("Purchasing") Points Claimed: 4.73

  • UC Berkeley achieved 79% of available points in the STARS Procurement category. The average among all research universities is 57%.

  • STARS categories of evaluation include Sustainable Procurement, Electronics Purchasing, Cleaning and Janitorial Purchasing, and Office Paper Purchasing. UC Berkeley achieved a perfect score for Sustainable Procurement.

  • Compared to 2018, our 2021 STARS report improved greatly in the Cleaning & Janitorial Purchasing subcategory.

Purchasing Highlights


In accordance with Policy:

1. All recyclers of the University’s electronic equipment must be eSteward certified by the Basel Action Network (BAN). In cases where the University has established take-back programs with a manufacturer, the University will require the manufacturer to become a BAN-certified e-Steward Enterprise (e-Stewards for Enterprises).

2. Printers and copiers must have duplex printing capabilities, hold their warranty, and use 100% recycled content paper.

3. Suppliers shall be required to deliver items to the University with energy efficiency and duplex printing functions should be enabled for the duration of the product’s use.


As per UC Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, all indoor furniture must be:

  • GREENGUARD Gold or SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified

  • Free of flame retardant chemicals, formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), per and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) used as stain/water/oil resistant treatments, antimicrobials, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and heavy metals

Overall UC Policy on Sustainable Practices in regard to Purchasing 

The University of California Policy on Sustainable Practices establishes goals in nine areas of sustainable practices which includes environmentally preferable purchasing of products and services.

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