Fund Sustainability at Cal

Two Ways to Donate to Sustainability at Cal

There are two ways to donate to sustainability efforts at Berkeley, the Chancellor’s Green Campus Fund and the Climate Action and Campus Solar Fund. Each fund has a different focus. Learn more about each fund below. 

Chancellor's Green Campus Fund

Giving to the Chancellor's Green Campus Fund helps the Berkeley campus community undertake projects that will create a greener, more environmentally sustainable campus—while saving resources and money in the process.

To help keep our momentum going, donate to the Chancellor’s Green Campus Fund.

Donate to The Climate Action and Campus Solar Fund

Solar panels at the beach

The Climate Action and Campus Solar Fund supports projects and student research that reduce UC Berkeley's carbon footprint and power the campus with the sun.

The Office of Sustainability has a goal to install 4 megawatts of on-site solar for the Berkeley campus. Berkeley met its first greenhouse gas emissions reduction target– bringing emissions back to levels they were 25 years ago. Now we are striving to achieve at least a 90% reduction in total emissions (Scopes 1, 2, and 3) by no later than calendar year 2045 relative to a 2019 baseline year. 

The Climate Action and Campus Solar Fund is already helping us with our next round of solar installations. Help us do more! Your donations will be used to support campus solar and carbon neutrality projects and to fund student undergraduate and graduate students’ carbon-cutting creative initiatives and research projects. 

Unlike most "carbon offsets," donations to the Fund are tax-deductible!


Solar Projects at UC

solar panels on MLK building on campus

Solar panels on the roof of
the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union

solar panels on RSF

Solar panels on
the Recreational Sports Facility