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Take Classes

For-Credit Classes

UC Berkeley offers at least 560 sustainability courses.  There are courses on the list from more than 45  different departments, including Civil and Environmental Engineering, Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM), and Geography.  Almost one-third of Berkeley undergraduates take at least one course focused on sustainability.

UC Berkeley also offers a wide range of related degree programs, including almost 30 graduate degree programs, over 25 undergraduate programs, and almost 20 minors.  Students working towards these credentials find additional intellectual camaraderie in Berkeley’s many research centers related to the environment and sustainability.

Extension Education

UC Berkeley Extension Education, or "UNEX" has an extensive range of sustainability-related courses and programs, including sustainable design, energy for sustainability, and environmental monitoring. Extension Education classes can be taken to supplement regular course offerings, for self enrichment, or to earn a certificate.  

More Information

See the Campus Initiative section of this site under Academics and Learning for more information on sustainability-related learning opportunities and educational goals at UC Berkeley.

Fiat Lux

student reading a book on the edge of the Hearst Mining reflection pool

Student reading a book on the edge of the Hearst Mining reflection pool

student working on laptop in a eucalyptus grove Studying in the quietude of a eucalyptus grove