Research Mission

research icon round UC Berkeley is consistently rated among the top institutions in the world for the quality and breadth of its research programs, the distinction of its faculty, and the excellence of its Ph.D. programs. Berkeley’s strength includes particular expertise in addressing pressing global challenges such as health, energy, and the environment.

Campus Performance Overview

UC Berkeley is a research powerhouse in a wide range of disciplines, and its work in energy and sustainability research is changing the world. Combined with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, which the university manages, the campus is solving urgent energy and climate challenges such as how to better design energy distribution systems and the most viable biofuels.

About twenty-five percent of UC Berkeley’s faculty and staff who are engaged in research investigate sustainability topics. The work of diverse research groups, departments and topic-based centers support sustainability research across campus, state, and country, informing policy decisions. As a result, 64% of all academic departments that conduct research are engaged in sustainability research. See the full inventory of sustainability research for fiscal year 2020 here.

STARS Performance Overview

Research Category

According to STARS, "This subcategory seeks to recognize institutions that are conducting research on sustainability topics. Conducting research is a major function of many colleges and universities. By researching sustainability issues and refining theories and concepts, higher education institutions can continue to help the world understand sustainability challenges and develop new technologies, strategies, and approaches to address those challenges."

Berkeley's STARS Performance

Total Points Available: 18.00

Research Points Claimed: 17.12




Research and Scholarship

11.12 / 12.00

Support for Research

4.00 / 4.00

Open Access to Research

2.00 / 2.00

  • Doctoral and research institutions on average captured 80% of available points in the field, compared to 95% of points won by UC Berkeley in the Research category.
  • Almost 25% of employees that conduct research are engaged in sustainability research, according to our inventory of sustainability research at UC Berkeley for fiscal year 2020.
  • 64% of all academic departments that conduct research are engaged in sustainability research.


UC Berkeley faculty and researchers are leading the way in energy, climate, and environment research. See the latest developments here.

Search for faculty and researchers with expertise in particular areas here.

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