Office of Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Staff

Kira Stoll

Chief Sustainability & Carbon Solutions Officer 

Director of the Office of Sustainability

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Student fellows at Sustainability Summit poster session

CNI Student Fellows at their end-of-year Symposium poster session.

Donna Lee

Donna S. Lee

Executive Assistant

Britney Wu

OS Fellow 

Britney is a 3rd year studying Environmental Science and Geospatial Information Science and Technology (GIST). She is interested in how GIS and other mapping technologies are integrated in environmental research, which then influences policy and climate adaptations. Her passions include making scientific knowledge more accessible to the general public, and working with various environmental organizations both on and off campus.

Ash Reining

Ash Reining

OS Fellow

Raphaela Floreani Buzbee

Biodiversity Fellow

Sam Lubow 

Sustainability Program Manager

Varsha Madapoosi

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Fellow

Varsha is a 4th-year studying data science and society and environment. She is working on creating frameworks for institutional environmental justice and creating partnerships on and off campus. She is deeply involved in the campus environmental community and is passionate about data and technology.

Jack Chang, Office of Sustainability UC Berkeley

Jack Chang

Graduate Student Researcher - Berkeley Clean Energy Campus

Jack is a PhD student at the Energy and Resources Group researching building decarbonization policy. He worked with the Office of Sustainability in 2018 and 2019 on the Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System (STARS) and is now helping to plan UC Berkeley's ambitious Clean Energy Campus project.

Rohith Moolakatt

Rohith Moolakatt

Bonnie Reiss Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Fellow

Rohith is working to foster UC Berkeley's climate change resiliency planning and engage with the related City of Berkeley, regional, and UC efforts. He is also focusing on motivating individuals to take action to reduce energy usage through digital education and collaboration with the campus environmental community. 

Chloe Liu

Zero Waste Coalition Chair

Chloe is a 3rd year studying Society and Environment and Political Science. She is interested in pursuing environmental sustainability and justice through policy change. She is also involved with on-campus environmental efforts through the ASUC. Outside of school, Chloe has been involved in multiple political campaigns.

Tatum Hurley

Zero Waste Coalition Vice Chair

Tatum is a 2nd year studying Society and Environment and Ethnic Studies. She is passionate about bringing awareness to and learning about the intersections of environmental issues and race, class, and gender in America. She also works with Cal Zero Waste to implement zero waste efforts on campus and bring attention to environmental justice in the world of waste.