Sustainability Summits

The Annual Sustainability Summit

Chancellor Christ give 2018 Sustainability Summit Award to Anamina Shofry

CACS first met in October 2003, and within a year hosted the first annual UC Berkeley Sustainability Summit.  Since then, CACS has hosted an annual UC Berkeley Sustainability Summit in celebration of Earth Week. Student, staff, and faculty sustainability leaders on campus gather to celebrate sustainability achievements through an award ceremony, poster session and interactive presentations.

Highlights Recent Summits, celebrating sustainability from the Past 150 Years

sustainability summit participants making seeds in clay

The 2023 Summit included a poster session, the sustainability awards ceremony and an interactive “seed workshop” with artist Connie Zheng: Seed almanac is an ongoing “seed workshop” in which I invite members of the public and the Bay Area artistic community to make seeds out of clay with me. I ask workshop participants the following question: If you could have ten seeds with you at the end of the world, what would they be?

The 2022 Summit included a reception, poster session, and the annual sustainability awards ceremony, along with a keynote from Professor Sarah E. Vaughn, and a student-led campus climate justice tour along Strawberry Creek. 

The Sustainability Summit in 2019 celebrated climate action and Cool Campus Challenge.  See the flyer

In April 2018, the 15th Annual CACS Sustainability Summit celebrated 150 years of sustainability at Berkeley! In addition to a poster session, remarks from Chancellor Christ, and the sustainability awards ceremony, Vien Truong delivered the keynote address. Truong, CEO of Dream Corp (#GreenForAll) and a Berkeley alum, shared her work on a national initiative that puts communities of color at the forefront of the climate movement and equality at the center of environmental solutions.

Memories from Sustainability Summits

Vice Chancellor Marc Fisher and CACS sponsor with staff friends

Award winner Andrea Luna and friends

Award winner Heidi Sachs and OS Fellow Jack Chang