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Sustainability Course Spotlight

Editors' picks 

Here are just 3 of the 500+ sustainability related courses offered at UC Berkeley:

Course: Econ C3

Title: Introduction to Environmental Economics and Policy

Description: Introduction to microeconomics with emphasis on resource, agricultural, and environmental issues

Student Insight: “This was a great course to understand how natural resources play a role in our economy and everyday decision making.”


Course: ENVDES 4C

Title: Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation, and Thermodynamics

Description: Intro to methods for investigating relationships in the built environment; Questions about human habitat that could shape the future

Student Insight“Take this class if you want to understand how the built environment can contribute, adpat, and mitigate climate change” 


Course: ESPM 161

Title: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

Description: Human environments as physical, social-economic, and technocultural ecosystems; emphasis on ideologies, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior

Student Insight:  “A great philosophy breadth course that provides theory behind environmentalism” 

Look for more sustainability activities during Golden Bear Orientation August 15-22

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Points of Pride

  • 87% of students walk, bike or take public transit to campus
  • Over $2 million in student-fee funding for 166 sustainability projects in
    last eight years
  • 29 percent of undergraduates took at least one course focused on
  • Solar panels on 5 buildings (1 MW total) contribute toward goal of carbon neutrality by 2025