Golden Bear Orientation

Welcome to UC Berkeley!

In 2017, UC Berkeley's incoming students broke the Guinness World Record for largest letter during Golden Bear Orientation.

Sustainability Course Spotlight

Editors' picks 

Here are just 3 of the 500+ sustainability related courses offered at UC Berkeley:

Course: Landscape Architecture 130

Title: Sustainable Cities & Landscapes

Description: Insights into what makes a city lifestyle more sustainable than suburban living, and how to make cities more equitable and self-sufficient environmentally. The course focuses on San Francisco and Berkeley.

Student Insight: “I learned to appreciate the Bay Area's compactedness as a function of sustainability. This course also inspired me to study city planning!"

Course: ENVDES 4C

Title: Future Ecologies: Urban Design, Climate Adaptation, and Thermodynamics

Description: Intro to methods for investigating relationships in the built environment; Questions about human habitat that could shape the future

Student Insight“Take this class if you want to understand how the built environment can contribute, adpat, and mitigate climate change.” 


Course: ESPM 161

Title: Environmental Philosophy and Ethics

Description: Human environments as physical, social-economic, and technocultural ecosystems; emphasis on ideologies, beliefs, attitudes, and behavior

Student Insight:  “A great philosophy breadth course that provides theory behind environmentalism” 

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Points of Pride

  • 87% of students walk, bike or take public transit to campus.
  • Over $2 million in student-fee funding for 166 sustainability projects in last eight years.
  • 29 percent of undergraduates took at least one course focused on sustainability.
  • Chou Hall, our first Zero Waste building, opened in 2017.
  • Also in 2017, we installed our first solar panels on 5 buildings for a total of 1 megawatt of energy generated.