Getting Your Sustainability Bearings

August 23, 2022

There are so many ways to get involved in sustainability at UC Berkeley!

Martinez Commons, a green building on UCB campus

Take a Green Walking Tour to experience some of the sustainable practices going on that you might not have noticed because they are so integrated into daily life.

See data about energy usage in campus buildings using the Pulse dashboards.

Are you a new student? We can orient you to sustainable practices at Cal.

Take classes offered through the UC Berkeley catalog, earn certificates offered through the Extension Education program, and learn about informal peer-to-peer classes on campus.

Join any of over 50 student groups on campus, some of which offer funds for student projects, including TGIF.  SERC, The Student Environmental Resource Center, is an invaluable resource for information on student groups, internships, meeting spaces, and services related to sustainability on and off campus.