SERC gets a Space on UC Berkeley Campus

April 29, 2016

On Wednesday April 27, 2016, the Student Environmental Resource Center’s (SERC) dream of a physical center on the UC Berkeley campus became its future. The ASUC Senate approved an allocation of 1350 sq. ft for SERC space in the MLK Jr. Student Union Basement through the year 2050. Space for SERC has been the focus since its founding in 2012 by students Mauricio Castillo, Nolan Pack, and Noah Puni, who transferred to UC Berkeley and developed a vision for an innovation and resource center for the student environmental and sustainability community. Now, that vision is a reality, and the Center will be a place for our community to combine imagination and intellect, values and passion, all towards growing a world that is more sustainable, just, equitable, healthy and resilient for all. To learn more about this story, click here.