The New UC Berkeley Sustainability Plan

February 8, 2021

The New UC Berkeley Sustainability Plan

Over the last decade, Berkeley has made progress in sustainability. We’ve reduced carbon emissions to levels lower than they were in 1990 during a time of campus growth and today there are more than 40 active student environmental groups and 600+ courses that are sustainability related. While there is still low hanging fruit and quick actions to take – the campus is ready for bigger and more comprehensive initiatives. And, it is in this spirit, that over 75 people contributed to this second sustainability plan for UC Berkeley.

The new UC Berkeley Sustainability Plan is structured into five focus sections and 15 topics. The plan includes the more traditional environmental indicators like energy efficiency, green buildings and transportation and it provides a framework for intersectional and emerging topics – like diversity and inclusion and health and wellness in sustainability. The Plan also provides vision statements for each section. These statements serve as a guiding light to focus prioritization of goals and strategies.

The Plan sections and vision statements:

 New UC Berkeley Sustainability Plan

The Office of Sustainability is the primary author and caretaker of the Plan and will help guide its implementation in partnership with a broad range of campus stakeholders. Other campus departments, organizations, and individuals lead the development and implementation of many of the strategies. The Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Sustainability will provide on-going review and recommendations on the Plan and its implementation.

We invite the community to review the Plan, including the introduction from Chancellor Christ, and importantly welcome broad engagement in it’s goals and strategies.