New Opportunities for Green Department Certification

November 10, 2015

Green Department certification recognizes campus departments and events that have taken extra steps to be more sustainable. The program identifies a set of conditions and actions - some optional and some required - that can be followed in order to be certified. Some of these actions include purchasing and transportation and qualify as points for categories such as waste reduction and energy savings. The certification process is designed to provide resources, guidance, and recognition to departments as they take steps to decrease their environmental impacts at work. This year each participating department will have access to a student intern from the Office that will facilitate and provide resources if needed. With more communication and student assistance, departments of all sizes and capacities can be certified!

Registration has officially opened for Spring 2016 certification.  Interested departments should complete the registration form by December 2nd to be assigned a student intern from the Office that will facilitate the process and provide resources.  The Office is also looking to hire Green Department Associates.