Make UCB a Clean Decarbonized Energy Campus, Advocate for 2022/23 State Funding

April 15, 2022

Will you ask lawmakers to support critical funding for Clean Energy and Climate Change Solutions?

The Berkeley Clean Energy Campus initiative aims to transition the campus to a 100% electrified and renewable energy system and be a model for real climate change solutions. After years of advocacy by faculty, staff and students and feasibility planning, we are ready to make the campus energy decarbonization transformation a reality.

Given the State of California's large budget surplus this year, there is a once-in-a-generation opportunity for state lawmakers, on behalf of the people of California, to allocate a significant one-time investment that will benefit the UC, UC Berkeley and the state for decades to come. UC Berkeley is requesting $365 million in state funding to replace its aged, fossil-fuel cogeneration plant with a model 21st century 100% clean-energy microgrid that reduces campus building energy carbon emissions by 80%. This project is part of UC’s overall $1.63B capital outlay request to the State. 


From now through mid-June 2022, you can let state lawmakers know how important this decarbonization project is and to support UC Berkeley's $365M  funding request. And, ask your friends and family to also send a message to lawmakers.

These easy steps that will take just a few minute:

1. Learn more about the plans, benefits, and opportunities of the Berkeley Clean Energy Campus.

2. Grab the text below*, customize it and personalize it if you like, AND

3a. Go to the UC Advocacy Portal, replace the text in the "enter your message" box with your personalized email.


3b. Send your personalized email or letter directly to these key lawmakers


3c. Sign on to this petition created by UC Berkeley undergraduates affiliated with UC Green New Deal and Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative- Undergraduate Division. 

If you are interested in making phone calls during the May/June Budget hearings in Sacramento, please contact us for more information at

*Email/Letter suggested content, please customize and personalize. 

Dear Lawmaker and UC supporter: 

UC Berkeley wants to become the first 100% clean energy public research university in California, and the nation. I am reaching out to share a historic opportunity the campus has this year: to leverage the state’s budget surplus with a request to support a 100% clean energy microgrid, which would be a model for the UC system and the state.  

Berkeley’s energy infrastructure is the oldest in the UC system. The natural gas cogeneration plant is more than 30 years old and must be replaced in the next 6-7 years with an energy system run by clean electricity and the use of novel renewable energy technologies. This energy system decarbonization project will reduce campus carbon emissions by up to 80%. But this is not just about infrastructure. This will be a living lab, offering teaching with concrete examples and training future climate solution engineers, social scientists, and business and policy leaders. It will help our researchers to investigate cutting-edge technology and solutions and deploy lessons learned to the world. The project would generate hundreds of regional construction jobs, inject tens of millions of dollars into the California economy, and improve public health by removing a gas-powered plant and a source of local air pollution.

The UC Berkeley proposal is part of UC’s systemwide FY2022-23 budget request for energy upgrades and deferred maintenance. If state lawmakers agree to direct $1.6 billion to UC for these purposes, as part of the request UC Berkeley would receive $365 million for its energy decarbonization project when the budget is finalized in June. State funding would allow the campus to make significant progress on our climate goals, and achieve energy efficiencies and resiliency through renewable energy production and storage.

We are fortunate that the State of California has the capacity to invest in precisely this type of once-in-a-generation energy infrastructure upgrade, that will help our students and public mission. 

Thank you for your consideration. If you would like additional information, I would be glad to arrange a meeting for you with campus officials.  

Best regards