Looking for sustainability classes, groups & co-curricular opportunities?

September 6, 2016

Welcome Students!

There are many ways to learn and get involved in sustainability at Berkeley.  The following are some resources and opportunities to check out.

For Credit Classes:  UC Berkeley offers at least 560 sustainability courses.  There are courses on the list from 46 different departments, including Geography 137 Top Ten Global Environmental Problems and ESPM C282 Health Implications of Climate Change.  Arch 142/242 “Design for Sustainability Colloquium” - which is open to everyone with no pre-requisite is being offered this fall.

Sustainability DeCals: The DeCal Program (or just DeCal) is an aggregate of student-facilitated for-credit academic courses at UC Berkeley. Students create and facilitate their own classes on a variety of subjects, many of which are not addressed in the traditional curriculum. Every DeCal is sponsored by a faculty member and grades are only offered as Pass / No Pass, with the academic credit for each class typically ranging from 0.5-2 units.  Check out all the sustainability connected DeCals this year.

Co-curricular education provides students with sustainability learning experiences outside the formal curriculum. Engaging in sustainability issues through co-curricular activities allows students to deepen and apply their understandings of sustainability principles. See the amazing list of co-curricular opportuinities compiled by the UCB Student Environmental Resource Center.