Join the 1st Bic2Cal Challenge starting October 5th!

September 8, 2016
On this year's International Walk and Bike to School Day EECS is challenging the UC Berkeley community, students, staff, and faculty, to team up for sustainable transportation and fight climate change with us.  You will be able to choose, from a number of different mini challenges, the ones that are right for you, so everyone can participate.
Care about sustainability? Interested in games? Want to support campus research? Combine your passions by becoming a group leader in the bic2cal challenge and inviting all your friends to join you in fighting the global warming monster. All you need to do is to download the app, create a group, invite your friends, and start a quest. Aggregate, de-identified data will be made available to campus planning to make walk/bike infrastructure improvements that will help us all. As a bonus, you will support campus research into open source, scalable, privacy preserving data collection for agile transportation and land-use planning, since bic2cal is built on top of the platform provided by the e-mission project. After a short orientation period, we will enable challenges that optionally allow you to compete against others, either individually or as a group, so start getting your groups ready now...
To learn more about this UC Berkeley developing research go to:
To download the and application program and participate in this month long challenge, go to