Introducing: Our New Instagram!

February 20, 2018

The Office of Sustainability is very pleased to announce our new Instagram platform! Instagram is a photo-sharing social media that is popular among college students, and we believe it can be a fun and creative way for everyone (not just students) in our community to express their sustainability aspiration and passion. Social media can be a powerful tool for creating a connection throughout the wider campus community, and that’s why we’ve decided to take on a new one. Here at the OS, we always strive to make information more accessible, because an informed campus is an active one. In adding this new platform to our newsletter and Facebook, we hope to create a central outlet where anyone can find all of the latest and most relevant information on sustainability-related events, research, and developments on campus. Our new Instagram will feature all of the above and more, including lifestyle tips, sustainable restaurant reviews in Berkeley, and beautiful photos! Come join us at

Haven't used Instagram? Here are a few tips on joining and contributing, from the Instagram help center.
What's a hashtag anyway and how do I use it with our Instagram? 
1) A hashtag is a way of categorizing photos. Simply use the pound sign, followed by words with no spaces. By clicking on hashtags, you can find similar content that other people have posted.
2) Use any of the hashtags we use on our Instagram page (#CalZeroWasteTip or #CalCarbonNeutralTip, for example) and tag @calsustainability if you'd like to be featured on our page.

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