Find out what Inspires Cool Campus Challenge Hero Claire Kaufman to Reduce her Carbon Footprint

December 1, 2015

Claire Kaufman, a UC Berkeley senior studying Environmental Economics and Policy, inspires staff, students, and faculty to become aware of their power.

When it comes to carbon neutrality, “I was very inspired by the groundbreaking leadership role the University of California has taken” Kaufman explains. So she decided to take action by creating the Cool Campus Ambassador Program with fellow student Lindsey Agnew. The Ambassador Program is the core group of leaders dedicated to engaging student in the Cool Campus Challenge. Her team can often be found signing up new members in the busy Sproul Plaza on UC Berkeley’s campus.

For Kaufman and the Ambassadors, much of the inspiration they give to others is personal. “We were able to motivate others just by sharing what motivated us to get involved in the challenge and why carbon neutrality is important to us” she reflects

Ultimately, Kaufman sees the importance of this Challenge as the awareness that it spreads. “My favorite carbon-reducing activity has to be the Carbon Footprint calculator,” she says,  “because even though filling it out alone doesn't reduce any carbon emissions, knowledge is power”.

Find out what your own carbon footprint is and pledge to reduce it at!