Energy savings increase over winter curtailment

February 21, 2014

Continuing and improving on a long tradition of energy curtailment during the winter holiday, the Energy Office is reporting even more savings this past curtailment than the previous year. A total of $113,200 in energy costs were saved throughout the December 2013- January 2014 closure.

A good deal of these savings can be attributed to steam conservation. Kevin Ng, Energy Analyst, noted that “we worked much closer with the Stationary Engineer shop and were able to shut down more steam use in buildings.”

For comparison, 2012’s curtailment saved - $110,470 (972,000 kWh of electricity and 10,100 therms of steam) and prior to Operational Excellence’s Energy Management Initiative, savings were a mere 2011 - $59,000 (300,000 kWh of electricity and 3,400 therms of steam).

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