End of Spring Semester - Furniture Recycling and Reuse Coming Soon

April 28, 2023

Cooperative Reuse: Furniture Recycling Coming Soon!

With the spring semester coming to an end on May 12, Cal Move Out is just around the corner. GCR supports the annual effort involving multiple stakeholders, including the city and university staff, student and community organizations that collaborate to ensure that Move Out is safe and sustainable. In 2022, nearly 200,000 pounds of furniture were donated and made free to the community and over 800 mattresses were recycled thanks to Cooperative Reuse, a student-led, household item recycling program. This year — thanks to leadership from Office of Sustainability Fellows/Zero Waste Coalition Chair and Co Chair Chloe Liu and Tatum Hurley; and ASUC EAVP Bailey Henderson and his local team — Cooperative Reuse will run May 19 - 30 from 10 to 5 pm at the Clark Kerr Campus southwest parking lot. Students who are moving out can drop off gently-used furniture, books, clothing, small appliances and electronic waste; and unopened, non-perishable, unexpired food. Anyone can pick up furniture and household items at this site. This year’s partnership also includes pro bono moving assistance from Chipman Relocation and Logistics and Goodwill, which will host a donation drive on site on May 27 & 28. For more details, visit calmoveout.com