Chou Hall, the first audit of the zero waste building reveals...

December 2, 2017
Halloween Waste Audit
Students and staff got together on Halloween to rummage through, sort, and audit a day's worth of trash from Chou Hall. A big thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who worked hard to tackle the pile of waste! A special thank you to Berkeley Haas's Chief Strategy & Operating Officer, Courtney Chandler, Director of Facilities, Brian Adair, and Lecturer Frank C. Schultz, Ph.D. 

Below is a list of the top 10 contaminants found in the waste audit that were placed in the incorrect bins or should have been packed out. Take a look at the items and the appropriate bins these items should be in! 

Tip: #1 and #2 Plastics are recyclable at Chou Hall. 
"I found the whole process so enlightening and ended up enjoying it more than I thought. I was amazed to see how much waste is produced and how people's behavior is reflected in their waste. Doing the actual sorting provided a fantastic 'inside view' of our Zero Waste efforts and emphasized the importance of this initiative. I am so proud of our efforts!"

                                        - Courtney Chandler,

                                          Berkeley Haas' Chief Strategy & Operating Officer