Cal Band's "Big Game" is now The Cool Campus Challenge

November 19, 2015

Ben Taube, a 4th year Sustainable Environmental Design major, inspired Cal Band to join the Cool Campus Challenge “as part of an existing initiative of Cal Band going green”. Though their love of “a little friendly competition” may have helped them become the #1 team at UCB,  their even larger commitment to sustainability shines through in many of their practices. Taube explains, they continually focus on keeping their facilities environmentally friendly by “doing everything from replacing incandescent bulbs with fluorescent bulbs, to recycling and composting as much of (their) waste as possible”.

After announcing the Challenge, a lot of band mates “were excited to share how they have or will contribute to a more sustainable world” says Taube. Their collaboration truly shows the power of passionate individuals coming together to make a huge change.

The Cal Band Team has 52 members with almost 307,000 carbon reducing points! Thank you for your hard work and your environmental leadership, Ben!