Berkeley offers over 600 Sustainability Courses

January 24, 2019

UC Berkeley has long led the way in sustainability research, be it environmental, social or economic sustainability, and that history fills the campus' course catalog. Sustainability classes don't come only from perhaps more predictable departments such as Environmental Science, Policy, and Management or Sociology. Students can also learn how U.S. populations have interacted differently with their environment throughout the nation's history (History 120AC) or how environmentalism and politics intertwined in Cold War Germany (German 160C).

For the first time, the campus has inventoried more than 600 environmental, social and economic sustainability courses making up 18 percent of all campus courses. This list, covering courses from 2015-2018, is a product of UC Berkeley's just-completed, Gold-ranked submission to the Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment & Rating System, or STARS, which judges campuses on academic coursework and dozens of other sustainability metrics. UC Berkeley came in 11th out of 349 colleges and universities around the world with an active STARS rating.

In this list, users can finally appreciate just how deeply sustainability - of all kinds - is addressed in classrooms across UC Berkeley. See the full list of courses.