Apply to be part of the TGIF Committee!

August 29, 2016

Open Seats: Student-at-Large Representative; Apply Here!  Environmental Sustainability Community-at-Large Representative; Apply Here! Applications are due Monday, September 19th, 2016 5PM.

The TGIF Committee is the decision-making body for The Green Initiative Fund. The committee chooses which projects receive money, approves changes to awards, and guides the general direction of TGIF. The Committee is organized and facilited by the TGIF Coordinator. The Coordinator presents and reports to the Committee all information regarding TGIF funded projects and the TGIF program.

The duties of the voting committee members are to:

  1. Attend monthly committee meetings
  2. Select which projects receive funding during grant review
  3. Vote on issues which require committee approval, such as project adjustments
  4. Provide feedback to and help support all grantees.