Incentive Program

Since our energy consumption can be affected – positively or negatively – through multiple daily decisions, the incentive program enables us to recognize and be realistic about the costs of consumption.

Using campus utility data, the incentive program encourages energy conservation behavior at the unit and individual level. The incentive program provides Operating Units (OUs) information on how much electricity they use. OUs that use less electricity than is allocated will receive an incentive payment, while those that exceed the allocation will incur overage charges beginning in the second year of the program. 

Because OUs will be able to better manage energy usage, they can pro-actively decide where to implement energy savings, qualify for tangible incentives, and utilize cost savings to fund new project.

Download a PDF of 2014 EIP Payments

Energy Incentive Payments by Operating Unit

Operating UnitTotal kWh (FY 12-13)Payment (FY 12-13)Total kWh (FY 13-14)Payment (FY 13-14)
College of Engineering1,343,584$134,4001,255,758$125,600
University Libraries1,168,998$116,900 1,523,071$153,200
L&S - Biological Sciences999,736$100,000946,473$94,600
College of Chemistry744,385$74,4001,139,453$113,900
Information Services & Technology663,560$66,400134,497$13,400
Boalt School of Law467,123$46,700456,324$45,600
L&S - Math & Sciences318,072$31,800414,829$41,500
College of Natural Resources308,188$30,800472,303$47,200
Facilities Services246,109$24,600 n/an/a
L&S - Social Sciences240,489$24,000307,413$30,700
Student Affairs231,110$23,100392,193$39,200
School of Public Health223,743$22,40066,665$6,700
Graduate School of Education157,392$15,700206,190$20,600
Administration & Finance101,294$10,10056,726$5,700
L&S - Undergraduate94,145$9,40061,638$6,200
L&S - Arts & Humanities60,982$6,100182,114$18,200
Haas School of Business57,866$5,80042,479$4,200
Equity & Inclusion13,971$1,40014,996$1,500
College of Environmental Design13,642$1,4004,063$400
Teaching, Learning, Acad. Planning & Fac.9,463$90010,154$1,000
School of Social Welfare7,915$80026,212$2,600
Goldman School of Public Policy6,282$6002,773$300
University Relations5,177$5004,534$500
School of Information-6,692n/a6,328$600
School of Optometry-190,256n/a33,467$3,300
Real Estaten/an/a609,466$60,900