UC Berkeley works to find solutions to global environmental, economic, and social challenges--inequality, climate change,  food security, water shortages and more.  We set goals, take action, and share our work.

In the 2013 Campus Sustainability Report, Berkeley tallies our progress toward our Campus Sustainability Goals. We have seen significant success this year, especially on greenhouse gas reductions, and have met many of our goals and are on track to achieve others. We have also added two new areas, Economic and Social Sustainability, as part of the process to prepare the report ‘in accordance’ with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines. Additional information can be found in the GRI Content Index.

The Report also has information on a range of other projects and successes: Six years ago the campus set out to reduce its carbon footprint by one-third to bring Berkeley’s greenhouse gas emissions from campus operations back to 1990 levels. Our most recent emissions inventory reveals that Berkeley has met this target, two years ahead of schedule. Per resident water use in residence halls has declined by over 35% in the last ten years. While new halls have been built to address affordability concerns, efforts to install more water-efficient technologies and to encourage residents to use less water have also contributed to this dramatic and unexpected decline.

2014 Energy Management Initiative Report

The Energy Management Initiative’s second full year of operations demonstrated continued success at reducing campus energy use. Total savings from all parts of the initiative reached $2.4 million and exceeded the target by 10%, while the project remained under budget. The Energy Incentive Program will return almost $1 million to campus units in incentive payments. This year, the Energy Office can document savings that are almost 50% greater than last year, and the Energy Use Policy was became effective in January 2014.

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2013 Energy Management Initiative Report

Energy Management Report cover image

Since the launch of EMI in April 2012, the project has achieved savings of $2 million – surpassing our planning estimates – and have done so while remaining 12% under budget. Hundreds of students, faculty and staff have been involved in EMI program efforts and the program has been presented at 16 state, national, or international higher education conferences.

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IARU Green Guide for Universities


UC Berkeley is one of ten universities in the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU). Click to view and download the IARU's new green guide for universities, which addresses key areas of sustainability at universities, ranging from laboratory design to managerial and organizational aspects.