Cool Campus Challenge

Join your fellow staff, students, and faculty to in a UC-wide competition to achieve carbon neutrality. The Cool Campus Challenge begins on 10/6 - sign up today at #UCool

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Progressing towards Carbon Neutrality through the Cool Campus Challenge

UC Berkeley is participating in the UC-wide Cool Campus Challenge- a friendly competition between all 10 campuses over 10 weeks to help the University of California achieve carbon neutrality by 2025. Read more about Berkeley's participation and how to get involved here.

For UC Berkeley to meet this target, campus emissions will need to be reduced about 80% below 1990 levels. This is part of ongoing efforts by UC Berkeley to reduce carbon emissions from building energy use and fleet vehicles use. 

Watch this video from UC President Janet Napolitano inviting all students, staff, and faculty to participate in the Cool Campus Challenge.


UC Berkeley is currently #6 in the Cool Campus Challenge, with over 1300 participants and 2,100,000 points representing lbs of CO2 saved. The top team is Cal Band - with nearly 50 team members and over 260,000 points. Congratulations Cal Band!

Pledge to reduce your carbon footprint today and help UC Berkeley win the challenge. Go Bears!

Meet UC Berkeley's New Climate Action Faculty Champion

ESPM Professor Whendee Silver's research focuses on increasing the carbon storage capacity of soils. Read more about how she translates her scientific findings into climate action.


Water Infographic

  • Precipitation since July in our watershed was 23.43 inches, which is only 53 percent of average. Source

  • Rainfall in 2013 was the lowest in almost 500 years -- since 1580, as reported by Professor Lynn Ingram (Earth & Planetary Science and Geography). Source

The Office of Sustainability is looking for UC Berkeley student(s) to serve as a Green Department Associate to work on an expanded green department certification program. The Green Department Associate teams will assist departments with the certification process and assist in program development. Read the full job announcement here.

CACS Hightlights

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The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability (CACS) promotes environmental management & sustainable development on campus.  Membership is drawn from faculty, staff, students, & alumni. Meetings are open to everyone.

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Two years early, UC Berkeley meets its carbon reduction target

Two years ahead of schedule, a pledge made by the University of California, Berkeley, to reduce its carbon footprint to 1990 levels has been met.

More about CalCAP

Save Energy with myPower

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myPower is working with the campus community to make informed decisions about energy use that are reducing energy costs and returning funds to teaching & research. myPower, part of the Energy Management program, also includes the Energy Office, an Incentive Program, & a strong campus energy policy.