CACS Green Fund Grants

Cal Green Fund Grants and Initiatives

CACS logo verticalThe annual Chancellor's Green Fund Grant program enables members of the UC Berkeley campus community to undertake projects that will create a greener, more environmentally sustainable campus -- while saving resources and money in the process. Funding is given on a competitive basis, and many projects are proposed based on the opportunities identified in the 2013 Campus Sustainability Report and 2009 Climate Action Plan.

The grant cycle for Spring 2013 is now closed. Check back for new grants in Spring 2014.

For reference, please see:CACS Green Fund Grant Application_2013.doc

2013 Green Fund Grant Recipients

Strawberry Creek, UC Berkeley campus

“Spring Cleaning in Campus Closets” - Ron Holmstrom, Space Management and Capital Programs. This project will improve the utilization of space on campus through a “Campus Sustainable Cleanup” effort. This outreach program will help departments free up underutilized space and repurpose it by coordinating the recycling and reuse of un-used materials that are taking up space.

“Sigma Pi L.E.D.’s the Way to Energy Savings” - Garrett Vogel, a second year student in Conservation and Resource Studies. This initiative will reduce water and electricity use in the fraternity house by installing energy-efficient devices and materials. Sigma Pi aims to reduce water consumption by 15% and will install over 30 LED lightbulbs and insulation in their basement.

“’Swag’ Bags for Bicyclists” - Greg Haet, Associate Director, Environmental Protection and Chair, Campus Bicycle Committee. This program will provide sustainable promotional and safety items to hundreds of cyclists at the two campus Energizer Stations during this year’s Bay Area-wide Bike-to-Work Day on May 9th.

“Fitting Plant to Place: Site-Specific Restoration Planning on Strawberry Creek” - Dylan Chapple, PhD student in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management. This grant will fund the work of two undergraduate students to perform site preparation, collect planting data, acquire native plants from local nurseries, and propagate plants in the Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery as part of the campus effort to restore the watershed.


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