CACS Sustainability Awards

About CACS Sustainability Awards

CACS award To formally recognize the contributions of those helping the campus meet its sustainability goals, the Committee annually provides awards to faculty, staff, and students that have done outstanding work. The campus community is indebted to the hard work of students, staff, and faculty making Berkeley a more sustainable place to work, live, and play. Nominations can be made for groups or individuals and are open to the entire Cal community.

CACS is no longer seeking nominations for spring 2013. Check back in spring 2014 to submit nominations.

See the 2013 nomination form for more information on criteria and to submit a nomination.

2013 Sustainability Award Winners

Arpad Horvath, UC Berkeley Professor in the Engineering and Project Management Program and in the Energy, Civil Infrastructure and Climate Program in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Not only is Professor Horvath’s research advancing the understanding of climate impacts and engineering and teaching students about cutting edge methods, he has also been a contributor to campus sustainability efforts for the last ten years. Arpad was a founding faculty member on CACS and the Cal Climate Action Partnership (CalCAP). He continues to be a faculty leader in campus sustainability, engaging his students in campus efforts and providing expertise as the campus set its next greenhouse gas emissions target.

Kira Stoll, Sustainability Manager. Kira has been a sustainability champion her entire career at Berkeley, first as the campus Transportation Planner and now in the Office of Sustainability. Kira has been an active member of CACS since the beginning and Co-Chaired the committee in 2011. She is both a big-picture thinker and detail-oriented, contributing to campus-wide initiatives while also producing results and accomplishments day-to-day. Some successes this award is recognizing her for include co-authoring Berkeley’s first bicycle plan and zero waste plan, managing Berkeley’s annual greenhouse gas inventory, producing the monthly Bright Green News, and mentoring countless students.

Monica Harnoto, UC Berkeley B.S. Environmental Sciences, spring 2013. Monica is never merely content with the status quo and constantly inspires and motivates colleagues to think of new and innovative ways to improve sustainability in Cal Dining. One of Monica’s most notable projects has been Chews to Reuse -- a reusable to-go container program in dining halls. Before Monica created this program, the residential dining halls provided patrons with compostable to-go containers made from sugarcane plant fibers. Starting out as a pilot, the program has now been expanded to all dining commons, in large part due to Monica’s strategic implementation ensuring the program was simple for students to use.

Nature Village, a multidisciplinary and multicultural group of University Village residents, students, staff, and campus sustainability groups that work together to promote sustainable living practices at the University Village. In its inaugural year Nature Village launched three programs including the Green Family Program –with 50 families participating in pilots for energy and water saving tools like low flow shower heads and racks for air drying clothes. In the long term, Nature Village seeks to create a replicable model for institutionalizing sustainability in student family residential units, particularly for the UC system and more broadly for universities in the U.S.