Student Reports

Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Reports

Student fellowships have been created to fund student-generated projects supporting the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative - achieving zero-net greenhouse gas emissions by 2025. The  first report written by student fellows was published in spring 2015.The report analyzed student attitudes and knowledge about the Carbon Neutrality Intiative. 

Read the report "Are students neutral to the UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative?" here

Global Food Initiative Student Reports

Student fellowships have been created to support the UC Global Food Initiative's goal “to harness the resources of the University of California – its research, people, expertise, and tradition of public service – to put the world on a pathway to feed itself in ways that are nutritious and sustainable.” As part of their fellowships, students conduct research and write a report on their findings of how to promote a more sustainable food system.

Featured GFI reports: A Brief Snapshot of the Long Beach Local Food Movementand Food Bikes and the Mobile Food Revolution

Updated September 2018

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