Green Department Certification

Green Department Certification recognizes campus departments who excel in their efforts to curb negative environmental impacts arising from: energy, waste, transportation and purchasing. Departments are encouraged to contact the Office of Sustainability and Energy as they begin the certification process and to consult the Resource Guide for more information on the program. Visit the Profiles page to learn more about the certified Green Departments.

The points and pre-requisites identified here focus on relatively easy tasks and programs that any department can complete and implement. Innovation points allow greater flexibility for department-specific initiatives.

In April 2017, 9 departments were certified as part of a TGIF-funded 'Semester of Green Departments."  There are now 30 certified departments, representing over 4,400 employees.  This means that 27% of staff and faculty are part of a department that has been recognized as green.  Read more about our newest departments here.

Once your department has completed its checklist, please use this form to submit it.