Just for Students

Just for Students

There are many pathways to exploring sustainability that are specifically for students at UC Berkeley.

Student Sustainability Forum  


The Sustainability Forum is intended to be a space for members of the campus community to become more informed about how various campus entities are working towards sustainability and to provide networking opportunities. We have so many organizations on campus implementing creative and meaningful sustainability projects. The Sustainability Forum is open to all students and intended to bring everyone up to speed with what initiatives are already well under way on our campus and what areas still need additional resources. This is also an opportunity for new students interested in sustainability to find internships and organizations to join.

Fall 2013 Student Sustainability Forum

Students representing a variety of clubs and groups shared their exciting environmental ideas at the Fall Student Sustainability Forum on Thursday, September 19, 2013. Over seventy students attended the 13th Forum hosted by the Office of Sustainability, which was held in residence hall Unit 1.

The Forum opened with remarks from the Office welcoming the students and encouraging on-going communication and collaborations in the upcoming year.  “I am always amazed and impressed with the breadth of projects and the passion all of you bring to making Berkeley a more sustainable place," remarked Lisa McNeilly, Director of Sustainability. "You make my job the best in the world.”

The forum featured speakers from over thirty campus groups, including the ASUC Sustainability Team, Berkeley Energy and Resources Collaborative (BERC), the Residential Sustainability Program, and the Strawberry Creek Restoration Project. With topics ranging from energy conservation to sustainable forestry, the forum provided information for students of all interests.

At the end of the forum, attendees had a chance to talk with the presenters and find out ways to become involved in their clubs. The event also facilitated networking between club officers so they could coordinate efforts on environmental projects and events. Many campus groups also presented job and volunteer opportunities during the forum. 

The forum was catered by the Berkeley Student Food Collective, which provided fresh, organic fruit and cookies to participants.

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Past Forums 

Other Groups for Students

There are over 30 student groups interested in sustainability, and the list grows with student initiatives. These include:



Building Sustainability at Cal

PowerSave Campus

Student DeCALS focused on sustainability
Residential and Student Service Programs provides a variety of environmentally friendly programs for students that support the Cal community.

Net Impact

ReUse - Reader giveaways, clothing drives

See the Get Active page for more information on specific groups.  
You can also dowload a 2013 list of active environmental groups at UCB. 

Sustainability Forum

2013 Sustainability Forum poster